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Hello, my name is Alexis Kreager.

UI/UX Designer. Cozy Gamer. Art Advocate.
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Image by Patrick Perkins

UX Research

I think that UX research is essential for creating user-centered designs. It helps to ensure that the design process is data-driven and informed by customer needs.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

UI Design

My goal is to create a cohesive and intuitive experience that is satisfying for users. I strive to ensure that all of the elements of a website or application come together in a natural, aesthetically pleasing way.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design services can help bring your brand to life. I will collaborate with you to create stunning visuals that communicate your message effectively and make a lasting impression!

Design Principles

By understanding and following the design principles I value, I bring my best self to work every day.

Image by Michael Dziedzic

Reduce Noise

Keep it simple, stupid

Image by Edvard Alexander Rølvaag


Get users where they need to be easily

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Ask relevant questions during user interviews and prevent user error through input validation

Image by Jon Cartagena


Don't re-invent the wheel; use what users are already familiar with, and innovate where it matters

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

Cost vs. Benefit

Re-evaluate a course of action if development costs outweigh the benefits

Image by Sigmund

Accessibility & Usability

Start small; add candles and frosting after the cake is baked

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